Art and Designs


P. Leilani Davenberry,
Licensed Massage Practitioner

(Maiden name Berry)

Certified Pregnancy and
Post Partum Massage Therapist

Certified Cupping Therapist


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This picture of Leilani spring 2015 wearing some of her diy wire-wrapped jewelry

Leilani has been in private practice since April 1994. She specializes in deep tissue massage, pregnancy & postpartum massage, Hawaiian bodywork, hot stone massage, and reflexology.

In addition to her private practice which began in 1994, she has worked for chiropractors in medical settings, served as a teaching assistant at Brenneke Massage School, and volunteered her services for hospice patients and AIDS patients.

Her training and education specific to intuitive bodymindspirit work includes Fluency and Multidimensional Healing, Medical Intuition and Divination, Body Centered Talk Therapy, C. Fordís Beyond Words working with abuse survivors and post trauma, Lomi Lomi [Hawaiian healing Shamanic bodywork], Energy work, and Medical Divination.

As a massage therapist and a preferred provider for every insurance network that covers massage therapy in Washington, she stays on top of new developments in her field and continues to enhance her technique repertoire with continued education.

Leilani is a certified pregnancy massage therapist, an ACE certified personal trainer in addition to belly dancing instructor, and licensed massage practitioner. For more about Integrative Transformational
Health Consultations and Programs for a healthier lifestyle click here

Leilani began belly dancing in 1990 and has been teaching beginning to intermediate levels of belly dancing since August 2000. For more about belly dancing click here

Leilani's combines conventional, intuitive and integrative forms of massage, exercise, and nutritional programs for healing and to facilitate positive lifestyle changes. 

1994 Graduate of
Brenneke School of Massage
425 Pontius Avenue North Seattle, WA

Member in Good Standing with Associated Bodyworker &
Massage Professionals
since 1994

insured through

Washington Massage License # MA7037

Certified Cupping Therapist through the ICTA

Certified Pre- and Peri-natal Massage Therapist through Body Therapy Associates

 Additional training and seminars that Leilani has taken to enrich her technical abilities

  • Certification in Contemporary and Advance Cupping Therapy by ICTA
  • Beginning Systemic Deep Tissue Treatment
  • Advanced Systemic Deep Tissue Treatment
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Pre- and Peri-natal Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Hot Stone Massage for Professionals
  • Body Centered Talk Therapy
  • Medical Intuition and Medical Divination
  • Fluency and Multidimensional Healing
  • Beyond Words by C. Ford, DC
  • Structural Decompression
  • Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Bodywork
  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Stretching
  • Lomi Lomi Deep Tissue
  • Seven Hawaiian Strokes
  • Shiatsu and Energy-Work
  • Aston Patterning
  • Connective Tissue Massage
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • AIDS, Medicine & Miracles
  • Flo Bodywork Technique
  • Paul St. John Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Somatic Therapy for the Psoas
  • Herbology
  • ZY Qi Gong
  • Feldenkrais Method
  • Aveda Facial Aromatherapy
  • HomeAlive Self Defense
  • Regence Blue Shield Provider Classes
  • Repetitive Injuries in Paddlesports
  • Womens Issues in Kayaking
  • Efficient Forward Stroke
  • Kayaking Stroke Basics
  • NW Hoop Gathering 2011


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Leilani took this picture at the Mt. Vernon Orchid Show


Leilani's Art and Designs:

Leilani loves to create! She draws, paints, knits, makes jewelry, decorative, face & body paints! To see more click here Leilani's facebook page

This is a stool Leilani painted freehand. After blending many colors, she painted indigenous North American orchids on the seat of the stool.


Both the hat and scarf Leilani knitted are from patterns in the Stitch and Bitch Nation book,  and the hat features handmade glassbeads of NW bumblebees that Leilani made by hand at Renton's Uptown Glassworks shop. Leilani's favorite knitting shops are Town Square Yarn in Burien, Maker's Merchantile in Kent, & Seattle Yarn in West Seattle! She is in the fiber arts community Ravelry here

A crocheted amigurumi bunny!
This is Japanese style of crocheting. Leilani loves!


Leilani started hooping in late in 2009 after being inspired by a hooper from Southern California visiting Seattle. Leilani took a few private lessons and was on her way! She's attended some local hooping events and even a hoop weekend gathering in Bend OR!
Leilani is pictured above hoop dancing and performing at Kent Cornucopia Days. Hooping is one of her favorite forms of exercise. Hooping is a great form of cardio, core strengthening, and strength training!  To see videos of Leilani hooping check our her youtube channel here and to learn more about hooping click here . The style of hooping Leilani does is based on this hooping history and origin.

Leilani does not to Native American Hoop Dancing but to learn more about it click here and here

Her favorite hoop instructors are I haven't taken for her but these are also available.

Join the Seattle hoop community!

Her favorite hoop shops is

Her favorite hoop blogs is


Did you know that the term "Belly Dancing" and "Oriental Dance" may not be the best terms to describe dancing inspired by and from the Arab world, Middle East, North Africa, Western and Central Asia, and the Mediterranean? For some, both terms are considered to perpetuate some stereotypes about the dance form. For example: it is not always done with the mid riff exposed, it is not only performed by women, and it is not the art of seduction.  Leilani's pictured below prior to performing at Med Fest. To find out more click here.

Outdoor Adventures:

Leilani enjoys a variety of other activities like a bit of traveling, flat water kayaking, day hikes, and birding. In the picture below, Leilani is kayaking in the Mercer Slough.




Leilani is a huge animal lover and shares her home with her beloved animal companions! She is passionate about animal rights and the quality of their lives.

Our newest family member, Willow, is a street dog rescue from Tijuana, Mexico. She's a 40+ lb. mixed coated xoloitzcuintli & chihuahua puppy born approximately 3-14-2015. We adopted her August 21, 2015 from a big animal event called Hounds on the Hill in Puyallup, WA. We are committed to good manners and positive dog training would love it if clients helped Willow learn them. She has some nervousness around meeting new people and is frightened of loud noises and children. She could be considered a somewhat shy or anxious dog with a mild case of DINOS - a dog in need of space (more info video). Here's a great post about meeting new dogs. Thanks for your help and patience as we continue to train our beloved dog!  Here she is pictured in her Halloween costume as a Jedi Knight! We are members at House of Ruff and highly recommend their private indoor dog park and doggy daycare services.


Our Winged Friends:

Leilani was given a rescued green rumped parrotlet found outside in the cold January 29th, 2007 huddled by a laundry room door. He was in rough shape and needed emergency avian vet care for a few days. We are so delighted he found his forever home with us. Digit is our office and home singer; he loves opera arias. While interested in seeing clients come and go, he likes it best if they don't get close to his cage. Please give his cage a couple feet of personal space. Thank you!

Bella, her now deceased but beloved chocolate lab,  Sept. 25, 1997-June 27, 2010, pictured above Oct. 2007, was sleeping with a neighbor cat, Rufus.

We love our aquarium!   They bring us relaxing entertainment and many joyful moments.  Our aquatic family includes a colony of rescued feeder guppies.

Leilani has been an orchid admirer for some time and pictured below is one of her windowsill orchids.

 This photo is of one of Leilani's orchids blooming a third time. This lovely phalenopsis is a relatively easy orchid to care for. Leilani is delighted to learn more about her orchids needs and help them flourish. She is a member of the NW Orchid Society. Leilani took the pictures below at the Mt. Vernon Orchid Show in Feb. 2007.

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