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P. Leilani Berry, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)
Certified Pregnancy and Post-Partum Massage Therapist
CCT - Certified Cupping Therapist

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Web Page Updates:

Electronic records 7-2020

COVID updates 3-2020

 Fragrance free policy and accessibility and links to Leilani's recipes for hair/skin/home

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Coronavirus Updates:

*Please remember to come fresh after a shower with your clean mask and without wearing any perfume or scented body products. For more information about our  Fragrance free policy and accessibility and links to Leilani's recipes for hair/skin/home

*Please note the new office guidelines include:

1. We have switched as of July 2020 to Hands Heal Electronic Records. Please be sure we have an up-to-date email address for you and we will get you set up to fill out the required forms electronically before your massage. This means more massage time for you!

If you are unable to do electronic forms there's more info here

2. Clients and therapists are required to wear masks. Please bring one and plan to wear the entire time at our office. During the massage at the face-down (prone position) we will be sure to communicate and offer a variety of options for your comfort and safety but expect to wear your mask/face covering the whole time in our office. If you do not have a mask, please obtain one or contact us about our suggestions where/how to get one.

3. At arrival first there's a handwashing welcome followed by a check-in screening in the sanitized treatment room after we've both washed our hands which will include touchless thermometer and pulse oximeter check.

4. Before each and every session can begin and we will need a newly filled out COVID assessment form and consent form which you can fill out ahead of time using our electronic health records system but a paper version is available if needed health information and signed and initialed informed consent form

5. Please read about Our new equipment and protocols

6. Our updated privacy statement and the privacy policy of our electronic health records system

7. Cleaners, products, fabric, and touchless dispensers I use & recommend

8. June 2020 Letter to clients

For reference and more info:

Two Office Locations & Convenient Hours. The fastest way to reach us is to text 206-914-3885

Burien Tues., Wed., Fri. & Sat. at Burien home office near SR 509 and S. 128th St. Located on 8th Ave S.

Only Thursdays in Kent
at Meeker & 4th Ave.


Accepts cash, check, verified insurance, and debit, flex spending and credit cards (american express, discover, mastercard & visa) and any insurance company that pays massage therapists for massage therapy like Aetna, Labor and Industries and auto insurance.

Gift Certificates available for purchase