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This is a copyright photo of one of Leilani's
hot stone massage sessions.

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Accepts cash, check, verified insurance, and debit and credit cards (american express, discover, mastercard & visa) through "Pay with Square" squareup.com or Paypal.com details here and payment policies here


*Rate effective 2018
(first rate increase since 2013)

Same Day Pay
Massage Pricing

The Juniper a half hour foot massage treatment,
elaxes, treats the feet and energizes. This includes our pedi-spa foot treatment for more information about the special scrub and moisturizer especially designed for your feet click here. For more information click here. This foot treatment only costs $35.

The Magnolia an hour foot massage treatment thoroughly treats and pampers the feet include an aromatherapy soak, foot and lower leg massage, pedi-spa scrub and moisturizing treatment. For more information about the special products used click here and for more information click here. This full foot treatment will change your relationship with your feet only costs $65.

The Violet lasts half hour massage,
includes various massage techniques incorporating
one or two body parts or one side of the body
for example: the back and neck
and only costs $35.

The Geranium is an hour massage
 that can have special focus on tension or
can include a full body massage for $65.

The Rose is a relaxing hour and half massage
that can really address all the tension and
include a full body relaxing massage for $95.

The Orchid is an amazing two hour massage
that connects, rejuvenates, and treats your body to a therapeutic healing and pampering massage for $125.

The Sunflower facial cupping therapy massage service
 includes a facial, neck, and scalp massage using specialized facial cupping products that will reveal healthy younger looking skin while pampering you with massage and removing toxins from your face. More for more info about facial cupping and it's wonderful toning and lifting benefits click
here. For total face and neck pampering lasting approximately 50 minutes for $65. More info about products used here

The Quartz costing only $50 is the Hot Stone Massage sampler for more info about Hot Stone Massage click here. The Quartz lasts about a half hour and can focus on a few tight areas or be more of a relaxing pampering indulgence.

The Moonstone is an hour Hot Stone Massage
 for more info about Hot
Stone Massage click here. The  Moonstone can have special focus on tension or can include a full body Hot Stone treatment for $95.

The Opal is a hour and half Hot Stone Massage that can really pamper and relax you and include deep tissue techniques or facial massage with gemstones for $125.

The Amethyst is the deluxe of all of the massage choices. The Amethyst is a two hour Hot Stone Massage including the entire body, treatment of all areas of tension, truly integrative relaxation and
pampers on a whole new level $160.

Billed Rate

Insurance billed as follows:
Each 15 min. = $40*

Insurance only pays up to an hour of treatment per day.

 If you would like to add more services on top of what your insurance is already covering please contact us many options are available for just $35 more per session (hot stone, cupping therapy, foot massage treatment, and more time!)

*Price effective 3/2018

Do you sell gift certificates and what are payment options & policies?

Gift Certificates are available for purchase!

Option 1: They can be purchased before or after your session or you can schedule a time to come by the office to pay and pick one up.

Option 2: You can call me and give me your credit/debit card info or you paypal me the amount of the gift certificate and I can email you printable pdf file of your gift certificate you can give your special person.

Policies: Please use gift certificates with a year or two of buying them but they never expire! If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask by texting 206-914-3885 or emailing me leilani @ leilanimassage.com (remove the spaces)

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Leilani took this picture at the Mt. Vernon Orchid Show Feb. 2007.

  • Billing practices:

    1. Insurance is accepted only for sessions that include massage and bodywork.

    2. Copays and coinsurance and payment towards deductibles if applicable is due at the time of service. You are never responsible for the difference between Leilaniís fee schedule and your insurance companyís allowed or contractual amount; you are only responsible for the portion your insurance outlines such as a deductible, copay, or percentage, coinsurance.   However, if you insurance denies or fails to pay for your services you will be responsible to pay for the services. In order to know the details of your plan and coverage, please contact your insurance company directly as each plan varies.

    3. Leilani believes everyone wants to come to their appointment. So you will not be charged until your third missed appointment. Missed appointments are ones that are cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice, missed all together by no showing, or times when clients are 15 or more minutes late to an appointment. Your insurance will not ever pay for missed appointments.

    4. Gift certificates are good indefinitely and can be refunded for the amount paid at the time for them.

    5. Sessions are charged by the time not by the modality or technique and these rates are subject to change.

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We are accepted by all the insurance plans that pay for medically necessary massage therapy services including cupping therapy. 

Examples include but are not limited to: Aetna, ACCN, ACN, Cigna, First Choice, Kaiser/Group Health, Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, Uniform, United, Dept. Labor & Industries and auto insurance companies. 

To verify benefit coverage, contact us with your insurance information.

You may need a doctor referral or prescription and may be subject to a limited dollar amount per year or a limited number of visits per year, applicable deductibles, a coinsurance payment and co-pays.  For payment policies click here

Save yourself some time and check out what forms you have to fill out prior to your massage appointment.


We have two convenient office locations.

1.  Burien in the Boulevard Park Neighborhood
(near north Seatac, north Tukwila, White Center and more!)

Tues., Wed., Fri. & Sat. by appointment only, we run a massage office from a home based office in residential neighborhood right by SR 509 and a couple blocks away from S. 128th St. and Des Memorial Drive.  Less than 10 minutes drive from Seatac airport, 15 minute drive from West Seattle, and less than 15 minute drive from Southcenter. Located on 8th Ave S. in Boulevard Park neighborhood. The fastest way to reach Leilani is to text at 206-914-3885 but you are welcome to email or leave voicemails. Thank you.

2. Kent - Thursdays ONLY

By appointment only, Leilani works at Infinity Chiropractic Clinic
524 West Meeker Street Suite 4, Kent, WA 98032 on Thursdays at 253-850-9973. This office is conveniently located near 167 and the Kent Street Station. It's in the same building complex and right next to the Kent Chamber of Commerce.
The fastest way to reach Leilani is to text at 206-914-3885 but you are welcome to email or leave voicemails. Thank you.

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When you come in for your first appointment, you will have a variety of forms to fill out. To save yourself some time we have made these available online. Alternatively, you can print these forms, fill them out, and bring them to your massage appointment.  Everyone has to fill out a medical history form, and read our privacy policy.

If choosing the billed rate, we have a bit of insurance information to go over and potentially more forms will be required. We will go over all this together and then discuss the desired result of the massage therapy session whether it be pain relief or general relaxation or body mind spirit maybe all of the above.   

You will be given time to privately disrobe, and you will be covered by a sheet so that at any given time only the area being massaged will be exposed offering warmth and modesty.    The massage table is hydraulic and optionally heated for your comfort.   Only the highest quality oils and lotions are used during your massage. For additional comfort, body support system pillows are available for fitting the unique contours of your body and are especially great for pregnant clients.

Please share any preferences you have for comfort like do you like a quiet session with very limited talking, only piano music or extra thick oil for your feet. If you would like your session to include hot stones, cupping or foot massage treatment, please tell me when you schedule your appointment.

For more information about body mind spirit massage service provided, please click here.

The massage services are performed in a friendly, warm, professional manner by P. Leilani Davenberry, (Berry maiden name) a licensed massage practitioner since 1994.   

The massage techniques used are a blend of the numerous massage modalities Leilani has studied. For more information about Leilani's extensive training click here. The massage methods applied during your session will be based on Leilani's vast skill set, your conditions, your tension and your requests. In summary, the massage will be an integrative and intuitive and will be using a variety of massage methods in a partnership with your comfort levels to pressure and rhythm to facilitate your body's healing and relaxation responses.


This is a copyright photo of one of Leilani's
hot stone massage sessions

Click here to learn more about Leilani

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Leilani is available by appointment Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday  10 am - 7 pm and Saturdays 10 - 5 pm at the Burien location.  For an appointment, text us at (206) 914-3885 or email   leilani @ leilanimassage.com

Thursdays 10 am - 7 pm Leilani is at Infinity Chiropractic Clinic by appointment. For appointments in Kent you can text Leilani at (206) 914-3885 or  leilani @ leilanimassage.com or call the clinic directly at 253-850-9973.

Mondays she does not see clients but she is busy at work doing paperwork, laundry, and updating her webpage. Please feel free  to text, call or email her on Mondays through Saturday.

Appointments are offered only within either of the two office locations. No out-calls or in home massage visits are performed unless by very special arrangement like pregnancy/labor massage or unless by contract to office buildings and special events for seated massage only.

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Leilani created and updates this website regularly using Microsoft software products.


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