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P. Leilani Berry, LMT and CCT - Certified Cupping Therapist


Copyrighted photo of Leilani's silicone massage cups placed on the back of a model client.

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Facial Cupping

Pamper and treat yourself with a facial, neck, and scalp massage, gentle facial cupping, and facial moisturizing. Vacuums and lifts the facial tissue with special facial cups, drains toxins and lymph, increases circulation and nutrition to the skin, softens scar tissue, and plumps wrinkles and lines. Session lasts approximately 50 minutes (including 10 minutes on the table of rest). This can be added to another type of service and works wonderfully with a full body massage or foot massage.

Copyrighted photo of Leilani's facial cups and cupping therapy tools.

For details about the massage products used for your facial massage click here

For a real luxurious treatment, indulge in a half hour hot stone massage or hour massage and a facial cupping massage in combination the same day or foot session with the marine-therapy pedi-spa scrub and balm! For pricing check our Frequently Asked Question page.

This photo shows the actual cooling gemstones used in the facial massage including amethysts, blue lace agate, hematite, tourmaline, and malachite.

This facial massage is not an esthetician service nor is "facial"; it is a face and neck massage and cupping provided by a massage therapist and certified cupping therapist.

For facial skin treatment like extractions, peels,
microdermabrasion and waxing, you must seek a qualified esthetician or dermatologist.

Leilani took this picture at the Mt. Vernon Orchid Show Feb. 2007.






Cupping Therapy

One of the oldest most practiced medical treatments in human history: cupping therapy. Excellent for circulation, reduces pain and muscle tension, stretches connective tissue, improves range of motion and lymph drainage, helps with digestion, reduces cellulite, relieves congestion, and improves skin texture and tone especially noticeable in the face.

This amazing negative pressure treatment is great for back pain, shoulder tension, scar treatment reduction, asthma, sinus congestion, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, low back and hip pain, piriformis syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, chronic pain, jaw pain, sciatica, whiplash, IBS, dizziness & vertigo, menstrual discomfort, frozen shoulder, plantar fascitis, foot and heel pain, muscle tightness, sports injuries, cellulite reduction, tattoo refreshening, stress, relaxation, and excellent in conjunction with other therapies like physical therapy or chiropractic.

Cupping Sampler session (
This treatment lasts 15-20 minutes and includes a 5-10 minute rest on the table afterwards. ) $35

Cupping Therapy  (This treatment lasts approximately 50 minutes and includes a 5-10 minute rest on the table afterwards.) $65

Itís essential to drink water before and after your cupping session.

Please note potential cupping marks are not bruises (capillary rupture) . Possible cupping treatment discolorations are petechia (discolorations as a result of slight discharge and pulling of toxic stagnant fluids.)

Copyrighted photo of Leilani's facial cups and cupping therapy tools.

Hot Stone Massage  

is quickly becoming one the most requested massage treatments. It includes the use of special oils, uniquely chosen volcanic rocks for a relaxing penetrating heat therapy and cooling with gemstones while providing a unique pampering and relaxing massage service. This is a special service that is tailored to your desired result from the your massage session whether that be for stress and tension relief, injury rehabilitation, pain relief or pampering. For pricing check our Frequently Asked Question page.

This photo shows the actual stone used and the thermometer we use to motor the temperature keeping the stone at safe levels. The stone and all equipment used are both cleaned and sanitized after each use.


Stones are used in stationary placement in various positions and are employed in direct massage strokes for a deeply relaxing massage as this photo shows Leilani using the stones during a hot stone massage session.


Shower, towels and robes are available.