Body Mind Spirit
Massage Therapy:

P. Leilani Davenberry
(Berry - maiden name)
Licensed Massage Therapist

(206) 914-3885

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Leilaniís Healing Center

In partnership with Leilani, you will experience:

  • Holistic body mind spirit treatment

  • A reconnection to self

  • Help letting go of old pain and stress patterns

  • An increased presence in your body

  • A new sense of self

  • A release of stress and anxiety

  • Improved self esteem and body image

  • Enhanced self love and self compassion

  • And facilitated opportunities of letting go of physical holding and pain patterns from post trauma, grief or abuse.

Leilani combines massage/bodywork with a holistic focus on multiple levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She utilizes various forms of massage, bodywork, medical intuitive, energy work, rhythmic and guided movement, breathing, body awareness, medical divination, and meditation techniques. 

Her training and education specific to intuitive bodymindspirit work includes Fluency and Multidimensional Healing, Medical Intuition and Divination, Body Centered Talk Therapy, C. Fordís Beyond Words working with abuse survivors and post trauma, Lomi Lomi [Hawaiian healing Shamanic bodywork], Energy work, and Medical Divination.

Leilani's combines conventional, intuitive and integrative forms of massage for healing and to facilitate positive lifestyle changes.