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P. Leilani Berry,
Licensed Massage Practitioner
International Certified Massage Therapist Registered Counselor


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This picture of Leilani was taken at the Japanese Garden at the UW Arboretum July 2006.

P. Leilani Berry, Licensed Massage Practitioner, has been in private practice since April 1994. She specializes in deep tissue massage, Hawaiian bodywork, hot stone massage, and reflexology.

In addition to her private practice of over 13 years, she has worked for chiropractors in medical settings, served as a teaching assistant at Brenneke Massage School, and volunteered her services for hospice patients and AIDS patients.

Her training and education specific to counseling and intuitive individual work includes Fluency and Multidimensional Healing, Medical Intuition and Divination, Body Centered Talk Therapy, C. Fordís Beyond Words working with abuse survivors and post trauma, Lomi Lomi [Hawaiian healing Shamanic bodywork], Energy work, and Medical Divination.

As a massage therapist and a preferred provider for every insurance network that covers massage therapy in Washington, she stays on top of new developments in her field and continues to enhance her technique repertoire with continued education.

Leilani is an ACE certified personal trainer in addition to belly dancing instructor, registered counselor and massage therapist. For more about Integrative Transformational
Health Consultations and Programs for a healthier lifestyle click here

Leilani began belly dancing in 1990 and has been teaching beginning to intermediate levels of belly dancing since August 2000. For more about belly dancing click here

Leilani's Healing Center combines conventional, intuitive and integrative forms of massage, exercise, and nutritional programs for healing and to facilitate positive lifestyle changes. 

1994 Graduate of
Brenneke School of Massage
425 Pontius Avenue North Seattle, WA

Member in Good Standing with Associated Bodyworker &
Massage Professionals
since 1994

insured through

Washington Massage License # MA7037

Washington Registered Counselor #RC55427

Certified Personal Trainer through and insured through

Getting certified and licensed is just the beginning!

 Additional training and seminars that Leilani has taken to enrich her technical abilities:

  • Beginning Systemic Deep Tissue Treatment
  • Advanced Systemic Deep Tissue Treatment
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Hot Stone Massage for Professionals
  • Body Centered Talk Therapy
  • Medical Intuition and Medical Divination
  • Fluency and Multidimensional Healing
  • Beyond Words by C. Ford, DC
  • Structural Decompression
  • Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian)
  • Shiatsu and Energy-Work
  • Aston Patterning
  • Connective Tissue Massage
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • AIDS, Medicine & Miracles
  • Flo Bodywork Technique
  • Paul St. John Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Somatic Therapy for the Psoas
  • Herbology
  • ZY Qi Gong
  • Feldenkrais Method
  • Aveda Facial Aromatherapy
  • HomeAlive Self Defense
  • Regence Blue Shield Provider Classes
  • Repetitive Injuries in Paddlesports
  • Womens Issues in Kayaking
  • Efficient Forward Stroke
  • Kayaking Stroke Basics

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Leilani took this picture at the Mt. Vernon Orchid Show Feb. 2007.

Leilani has been an orchid admirer for some time and pictured above is her windowsill packed with just orchids.

 This photo is of one of Leilani's orchids blooming a second or third time. This lovely phalenopsis is a relatively easy orchid to care for. Leilani is delighted to learn more about her orchids needs and help them flourish. Leilani's orchid collection grows every year. She has phalenopsis, cattleyas, miltonia, odontocidium, odontoglossum, oncidium, masdevallias, cymbidium, paphiopedilums, dendrobiums, ludisia discolor, and brassias and more. She is a member of the NW Orchid Society. Leilani took the pictures below at the Mt. Vernon Orchid Show in Feb. 2007.

Outdoor Adventures:

Leilani joined 1000 people again in the annual Polar Bear Plunge tradition at Matthews Beach on Lake Washington. Accompanied by loved ones and friends, she briefly dipped herself in 44 degree water and earned her honorary Polar Bear Plunge. Last year's patch scanned in below. Click for Seattle P-I article. I'm pictured in the photo album picture #16 with my friend. More pictures to come soon!

Leilani enjoys a variety of other activities like a bit of traveling, flat water kayaking, day hikes, and birding. This a beautiful goldeneye duck we spotted in at Des Moines Beach Park. To learn more about our birdwatching adventures click here


The photo the below was taken at Eunice Lake in Mt. Rainier National Park. 

Leilani loves the pleasures of Seattle including the arboretum, the Japanese Garden, art museums, and the Pacific Science Center.

This picture of Leilani was taken at the Pacific Science Center January 2007 contemplating the comfort of a giant caterpillar chaise lounge chair.

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Leilani Berry began her love affair with belly dancing at 19 when she took her very first class. Through dancing, one can connect the body and spirit to the Earth and have the opportunity to share this with others. Belly dancing can help to heal hurts around body image, strengthen a connection with our bodies and their beauty, and help rehabilitate muscles.

Belly dancing improves flexibility, strength, grace, and rhythm. 
It is her greatest joy to share this positive affirming dance and connect dancers of all ages and orientations to the greater belly dancing community. Leilani has been teaching beginning to intermediate levels of belly dancing since August 2000. In the last few years she has also become a big fan of percussion - bring out your drums! To find out more about her classes and get connected to the amazing belly dancing community of the Northwest click here.

Arts and Crafts:

Leilani loves to create! She paints mostly with acrylics, makes rubber stamp art, and most recently knits!

This is a painted stool Leilani did freehand highlights indigenous North American orchids.

 This hat Leilani knitted is from the Stitch and Bitch Nation book and features handmade glassbeads of NW bumblebees that Leilani made by hand at Renton's Uptown Glassworks shop. Leilani's favorite knitting shop is Renaissance Yarns where she continues to take classes!


Leilani is a huge animal lover and shares her home with several animal companions! She is passionate about animal rights and the quality of their lives. She is a member of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Seattle Aquarium and Woodland Park Zoo.

Bella, our beloved chocolate lab born on Sept. 25, 1997, pictured above Oct. 2007, is sleeping with her cat and snuggly pony in her bed.  She has been Leilani's companion since Bella was just 9 weeks old. She is in charge of the client welcoming committee.  Her favorite activities are love rubs from her cat, Rufus, pictured below, tug-o-war, catch, squirrel watching and swimming.

Oatmeal, our elder tabby, enjoyed a fleece blanket, a good soft human pillow, and being draped over our shoulders for pets.  He was fond of catnip, fishing-for-cat-feather games, bird watching, and toying with Bella's affection. We miss him terribly. He's picture above sleeping in Bella's bed with the neighbor cat, Rufus, that's adopted us as a part of his chosen family.

 One of our African Dwarf Frogs
[Jim, one of our African Dwarf Frogs, is pictured left. Go to our frog journal and learn lots more about African Dwarf Frogs.]

We love our aquariums! 

They bring us relaxing entertainment and many joyful moments.  Our aquatic family includes four African Dwarf frogs, many cherry freshwater shrimps, danios, white could minnows, gold, green  & neon tetras, a couple midget sucker catfish, an outdoor water garden complete with goldfish and lots of lovely live plants. To learn more click on the frog image above.


Our Winged Friends:

We were given a rescued green rumped parrotlet found outside nearly starved to death January 29th, 2007. He spent several days at the avian vet and now is a member of family.  Digit is adorable, cuddly, and great company.  To find out more about our backyard birds  and our bird watching adventures, you want to go to our bird pages click here.  Leilani is also a member of the Seattle Audubon Society.

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