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Leilani Berry began her love affair with belly dancing at 19 when she took her very first class. Through dancing, one can connect the body and spirit to the Earth and have the opportunity to share this with others. Belly dancing can help to heal hurts around body image, strengthen a connection with our bodies and their beauty, and help rehabilitate muscles. Belly dancing improves flexibility, strength, grace, and rhythm. 

It is her greatest joy to share this positive affirming dance and connect dancers of all ages and orientations to the greater belly dancing community. Leilani has been teaching beginning to intermediate levels of belly dancing since August 2000 at the SPCC aka the Wet Spot.  As a certified personal trainer and massage therapist, she brings a unique understanding of the body, exercise and stretching.

Licensed Massage Practitioner since 1994
Registered Counselor
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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To register for class, directions or to be added or removed from the email list, Email leilani @ leilanihealingcenter.com Leilani's Healing Center Personal Training and Nutrition

Seattle Belly Dancing Lessons

Classes are presently on hold - dates to be announced -

Greetings everyone:

I am brainstorming ways to make classes more fun, interesting for everyone, and taking suggestions/requests.

Please feel free to give me more  ideas and requests at leilani @ leilanidancefitness.com  [* remove the spaces*]

A few ideas so far:
*Making weekly classes only dance focused skipping specialties.
*Making each weekly class more stand-alone or workshop-like so it's a drop-in-able class not layered, but still offering discount for registering for a group of classes.
*Scheduling specialties veil, rhythms, tribal, zills, etc. as a
separate workshop-only as requested.
*Making a discount for preregistration through www.paypal.com.
*Basing the topic for each week's stand-alone/workshop like class based on the needs and desire of the students present that night and my wealth of experience after 17 years of dancing.



What to wear: comfortable loose clothing or leotards or shorts & sports bra combo - something that you can move in easily.

What to bring: your registration fee, a water bottle,
a sense of humor, and a willingness to have fun!

Who is welcome: all shapes and sizes of folks of any persuasion. Participation is fun and essential! No experience required!

We do not allow voyeurs.

*You do not have to be a Wet Spot member to attend, but you must be 18 and over.

Folks are welcome to join in at any point in the series of class, but will get the most out of attending consecutive classes and skill/moves are layered on top of each other. Every one is welcome to take classes over again and learn additional dance moves as well as get some great exercise !!

Please note NO refunds will be issued for classes you have pre-paid or paid for nor will there be any credit(s) applied to future classes, if you miss a class. Therefore, please consider the payment options carefully !

*these dates are subject to change to receive notices of changes please join the announcement list by emailing leilani @ leilanidancefitness.com [remove the spaces]

Leilani's Retail Hip Scarves:

Beautiful high quality velvet scarves with beads and coins so you can really FEEL the music with your hips!
Imported and ordered just for you at $45 each including tax!
Availability depends on stock on hand. Currently out of stock.


Shop on-line for Books, Music, Clothing, Veils, Hip Scarves, Videos, Dance Sandals, Dance Leotards and more at BellyDanceShoppe.com

Additionally, for belly dancing hip scarves, some veils, belts & music: The shops I know of in Seattle are  "Pyramid Imports" or "Lost Treasures" both of which are on Pine St. between 1st and 2nd Aves. downtown, and
"Pharoah's Treasures"
3 floors down in the Pike Place Market mall of shops.

I've purchased a few fabulous velvet choli tops, silk veils, and fringe belts from http://lrosedesigns.com/frameset.html

I have one of Saqra's dance leotards that has the mesh belly section and tank top with leggings all in one piece [sizes run a little large - what a nice change!]. It's fabulous! I also have purchased dance shoes and music from her as well. She has silk veils, hip scarves, music, swords, jewelry and more http://www.saqra.net/shopmain.html

For larger sized active wear like the sports bras I wear in class; I purchased them from http://www.junonia.com/profiles/index.html

I also have great jewelry from http://www.zanbaka.com/

My favorite new belt is cowry shell & beads & coins from  http://www.magiccitycostumes.com/

Ebay.com has an assortment of belly dancing music, videos, and costumes.  And sometimes music can be available on Amazon.com

Rhythms, Zills, Drums & Riqs

My favorite NW Drummer and an excellent drumming instructor, Michael Beach http://www.baladi.com/

Offers a great variety of drumming classes and has an email announcement list of upcoming classes that you can join check it out at www.LaDrumma.com

I love my instructional cds, dvds [or vhs] on drumming, tambourine [riq] and def playing by  http://www.unclemafufo.com !!!

Zills: Learn more about them here http://www.saqra.net/articles.html#CYMBAL and http://www.shira.net/zills.htm

I came to realize there are cymbal how to videos! I love Saqra and her techniques are great! So, first there's http://www.saqra.net/Shopping/musicvid.html

And then I found yet another video on learning to the play the finger cymbals also known as zills! Mesmera is a little corny but the technique is lovely maybe a little fast paced but you can rewind and do it over and over! "Saroyan How to play finger cymbals with Mesmera" available through www.saroyanzils.com . I rented mine through the King County Library system www.kcls.org and had it delivered to a library close to me!

Riqs/Tambourine: You can get a skin covered riq for $10-12 from Saqra, a $20-25 Western synthetic head one [good in the NW wet conditions] from Johns Music and if you love them, then consider a higher end riq. Like these 4 different Remo varieties: http://www.layneredmond.com/series.htm the tar-Rine, lotus or riq or the http://www.glenvelez.com/ Glen Velez Signature Riq

Doumbeks: At this time I recommend Remo's doumbeks aluminum check out http://www.johnsmusic.com/ or http://www.saqra.net if you want a clay one like mine be sure to get a padded case - one drop and no more drum!

Percussive toys: shakers, bells, inexpensive frame drums and frogs and more http://jamtown.com/index.html

World Rhythm Festival: http://swps.org/swps?dpage=home


Did you know that the term "Belly Dancing" is not the best term or language for "Oriental Dance" that covers dancing from regions of Near and Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and the Mediterranean? The term "belly dance" actually perpetuates some stereotypes about this dance form. It is not always done with the mid riff exposed, it is not only performed by women, and it is not the art of seduction. It is more generally folk dancing that is taken to various levels performance. 

Some dancers and instructors use Raks Sharki which is Arabic for Oriental Dance.  Some individuals feel that the term "belly dancing" is racist, colonist, and based on Victorian values.  Despite this, you will find the word "belly dance" is very commonly used and has been adopted by many dancers and instructors. 

There are many dancers, instructors, and troupes that do not neatly fall into one or the other categories but it is Leilani's hope that these terms will help you on your dance journey.

Cabaret style is an American term to describe very flashy performance styles that are commonly solos and in groups. The solos are combinations of choreographed and improvisational; whereas group performances are often choreographed. Costuming is commonly very colorful with beads and sequins in bra belt combinations or similar dresses. Examples: Leilani's first instructor www.bellydancingbyzaphara.comthe graceful and gorgeous www.nadira.com and the talented henna artist and amazing dancer www.aleedra.com.

Tribal belly dancing is not just an American term but it's an American originated style. It is a sort of renaissance of combining various world costuming and group improvisational stylized dancing. For examples: www.fcbd.com/html/scrapbook.html  , www.infusiontribal.com , www.troupehipnotica.com , and www.raqshalim.com.

Gypsy is commonly erroneously used a descriptive term for an archetype, dress style, attitude/presence or dance style. It is in fact, a race of people and usually considered a derogatory term. We "belly dancers" owe a great debt to the Romany people. It does not honor them to call them "Gypsies". It is racial ignorance to refer to ourselves as "Gypsy" -insert dancing, style, themed, inspired, etc... [unless we are Rom.] There is much to learn about the history of dance and of the many peoples we have borrowed from to fuse together what we now think of as "belly dancing." To learn more about these terms, Leilani recommends the books linked here as a beginning.




To learn about other instructors, places you can go to see live belly dance shows, know about all sorts belly dancing events, and subscribe to an inclusive belly dancing announcement/event list http://www.nwbellydance.com/

  • Regular Reoccurring Events!

    1st Monday of every month
    Raqs Serpentine (Seattle)
    The first Monday of every month 8-10pm
     Our event has been described as joyful, amazing and the best party you've ever been to. Get there early if you want a seat. Dance performances from 8:30-9:30 pm.  For more details go to www.RaqsSerpentine.com

    New location in Fremont: High Dive
    (formerly suite g) 513 N 36th Seattle, WA 98103 206.632.0212 www.highdiveseattle.com It's the same fabulous eclectic belly dance show in a new fabulous location!!! Come check it out. Still the first Monday of the Month 8-10:30pmDance performances from 9-10.
    No Cover. 21+ /ID

    1st Saturday of every month
    W at the MOONRAKER in KENT!

     1st Saturday of every month - 6:30-9pm Saqra presents an open dance night at The Moonraker, at 23803 104th Ave SE in Kent, WA . 253-854-3058   Dance to LIVE MUSIC OR tape/CD. contact saqra@saqra.net to dance! About 9-12 dancers all levels. $5 cover

    ABOUT THE MOONRAKER! This spacious venue is only about 8 miles SE of our former location at the Best Western! Venue is 21 and over with a full bar & restaurant. Seating for 120+ and all seats have great visibility so no more having to show up two hours early! Large wood dance floor with seating on three sides and band behind. Separate dressing area.  Excellent dance floor lighting, the earlier event time we wanted, and management that is delighted for their place to be the new home for our nearly 4 year old event! This was our original first choice for our event, but with the smoking ban being passed the last obstacle was removed from this being the perfect place! ---- So does this include YOU to dance? Yes! Dancers welcome all levels. Please try to limit your request to every other month for this event (if you want to dance and you danced last month, please ask anyway ... if it gets down to the day before and we have the space we would love to have you). We do accept booking several months in advance, but there are almost always changes and cancellations at the last minute so don't be afraid to ask!


    1st Saturday of every month
    Starts at10:00pm
    Every 1st Saturday, imported DJs and Live acts from every continent team up with the best local DJs and live drummers to weave a brand new experience with an Eastern flavor...


    Interested in Performing/Dancing:

    Saqra's Riviera Room, Kebab and more!

    Hasani's quarterly Hafla's in Gig Harbor

    And don't forget to check out for venues, instruction, performances, vendors and more! http://www.nwbellydance.com/

    http://www.raksrafiki.com/ a drumming group that meets monthly for a dance/drum jam!

    Belly Dancing with a Veil:

    A veil is a 2 1/2 to 4 yard piece of flowing fabric either a chiffon like material or silk for pictures see the veils at http://lrosedesigns.com/frameset.html, you can buy one of these from L Rose, on ebay.com or from a local vendor like http://www.saqra.net/embellydance.html or http://www.hasani.net/ or look for more shopping at local fun events at the top right and you are welcome to make your own! Buy flowing fabric and hem the edges!

    Other Instructors:
    I've taken classes with and highly recommend:

    The highly energetic south King County dancer & instructor extraordinaire:
    Saqra - belly dance classes, supplies, calendar & tips in greater Seattle (Kent, WA) and Portland, OR

    The beautiful and talented tribal dancer & instructor & costume designer: Zanbaka.com - Tribal Belly Dance Classes and Online Bazaar!

    A great American Tribal style instructor Sharon of Mandala Tribal at www.mandalatribal.com

    A dancer and teacher. She also teaches belly dancing rhythms! www.ekbalammusic.com


    To see men in belly dancing check out http://www.menofmiddleeasterndance.com/

    To Learn more about Belly Dancing:
    Read The Belly Dance Book Edited by Tazz Richards
    available at http://www.backbeatpress.com/

    To Learn more about Tribal Belly Dancing:
    Read the Tribal Bible http://www.blacksheepbellydance.com/
    authored by Kajira Djoumahna