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Free food and exercise journal for your computer & mobile device!

Leilani is hoopdancing, one of her favorite forms of exercise: it's cardio, core strengthening, and strength training! To see videos of her hooping check our her youtube channel here

Learn more about hooping click here

Licensed Massage Practitioner since 1994
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Photos throughout page of Leilani doing some
her favorite exercise activities.
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 Is Leilani the
right personal trainer
for you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, the answer is YES-Leilani would be a great choice for you as a personal trainer!

  1. Do you hate going to the gym but want to start exercising more?

  2. Are you unhappy with your current level of fitness but are uncomfortable with typical fitness and diet professionals?

  3. Do you want to exercise but are discouraged that you are not strong enough or in shape enough to feel that you can exercise?

  4. Do thrive on unconventional exercise and can't imagine going to a gym but need some guidance on creating a balanced fitness program?

  5. Do you want to make some positive lifestyle changes but feel judged by typical fitness and diet professionals because your current level of fitness and/or weight?

  6. Are you looking for an integrative approach to fitness that blends gradual lifestyle changes, fun exercise, stretching, good nutrition, and positive incentives; therefore, exercise and eating right do not feel like punishment?

  7. Do you want to get healthier but you know that diets do not work?

  8. Do you want to work out at home or with your own equipment but want some professional guidance for an overall exercise and nutrition program?

  9. Are you looking for a balanced stress reducing exercise program?

  10. Do you have special considerations for exercise and nutritional programs like low back pain, knee and hip pain, fibromyalgia, history of eating disorder including compulsive overeating, or neck and back pain? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, the answer is YES-Leilani would be a great choice for you as a personal trainer!

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Additional Items of Note:

Leilani finds the following useful:

  • a journal [binder, web based, personal electronic, or on your computer at home. There are free online diet & exercise journals email Leilani for some examples.]

  • rain gear [for all those times in Northwest when it sprinkles you can be out there comfortable and dry]

  • good shoes [appropriate for the activity]

  • comfortable well fitting clothes & sometimes a hat is a good idea too [appropriate for the activity]

  • always a water bottle! hydrate! hydrate!

  • sunscreen

  • always wear the required protective gear for the activity [for example a helmet for bicycling or a personal floatation device when kayaking]

  • safety calls - please always tell someone where you are and when to expect you back when you go walking or bicycling by yourself. Please always take a cell phone with you - even if you don't have a calling plan every charged cell phone can call 911! And if possible, it's better to go with a friend or two!

  • Be visible! Reflective wear is great! Look for jackets with reflective material, buy reflective decals for your bike & helmet, look for floatation devices with reflective material.

  • Know the rules of engagement. For example: for bicycling know the rules of the road if you don't know take a class, read a book or go the library and look it up!

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Free Food & Exercise Journal and community support!

I found an excellent food & exercise journal that's free! Great for your computer & mobile device! Saves your data, excellent food & exercise databases, barcode scanner, recipe calculator, connect with friends, track major nutrients, add multi-items and more!!  http://www.myfitnesspal.com


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Services Include:

Individualized exercise programs, nutritional information, and support and encouragement to facilitate positive lifestyle changes. A positive and gentle approach that blends your preferences and available time with sound exercise and nutritional advice to help you achieve balanced wellness.


Initial consultation 15-20 minutes FREE!

30 min sessions $35

45 min sessions $48

60 min sessions $65

Pre-paid Package Discounts:

Prepay for 4 sessions and get 10% off

Prepay for 8 sessions and get 20% off

There may be additional fees if travel and location expenses are required. An example: if you want/need a supervised session at a local community center's gym so that you can have a supervised weight lifting routine and proper form instruction. Another example: if you want/need Leilani to see the exercise equipment you currently own at home.

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This copyright photo of Leilani Berry riding her recumbent tricycle along the Kent Nature Preserve off Frager Road near the Green River. Click on photo to enlarge.

What do you need
to begin?

1. Schedule your initial session

2. Fill out initial paperwork. Available on line; click these two forms and print and fill out here first, and then here followed next the Par Q click here. Print these forms, fill them out and bring them with you to your appointment or scan and email them to leilani @ leilanimassage.com. You can call and request we mail or email them to you ahead of time. Otherwise, let us know and we will plan to expect you to arrive ten minutes early for your appointment so you can fill this out your paperwork.

3. If you answer yes to any Par Q questions [click here to for the Par Q, a medical clearances is required.  You will need to have your medical practitioner [doctor or naturopath] authorize your start of an exercise program.  Click here for a medical clearance form.

4. After your paperwork, Leilani will check your blood pressure and heart rate. If they are within normal range [or if not and you have a medical clearance], Leilani will create an individualized program based on your goals and preferences and together you begin implementation.

And then you have started on the path with Leilani toward your wellness!

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This copyright photo of Leilani Berry kayaking off Salt Spring Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands. Click on photo to enlarge.

Recommended Sites:

The best resources are those all around us: our friends, family [and family of choice], pets, local community centers, recreational guides for our cities, and the local libraries.

Local community centers often have inexpensive access to gyms, weight machines, free weights, lockers, showers, treadmills, yoga classes, weight lifting classes, dance classes and other fun stuff!

Senior centers have great resources for our elders.

Local pools have adult swims, swim fitness classes and more.

Local technical colleges and local community colleges have swim fitness, yoga and dance classes at very affordable prices.

The King County library has exercise videos and dvds, books and audiobooks you can rent for free if a resident and you return it on time! I often rent videos and renew 1 or 2 times for a total of 15 day rental! I love the library!! Many of these resources are on line as well! Check it out! See what's all around you!

For plus sized active wear including sports bras, yoga pants, ski pants, rain jackets, bicycling shorts, tankinis, and more www.junonia.com

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What to expect?

After the initial free consultation and health questionnaires, we decide if you need to see your physician to begin an exercise program. As a rule, it is always best to see your doctor, primary physician or naturopath before beginning an exercise program, but some individuals do not require authorization.

Want to know if you need a doctor's ok?  Click here.

To view PDF files, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader installed, please go to Adobe's Acrobat download page now.

Next, together we set goals, incentives, and start to implement a plan of action. This is a customized program based on your preferences, time available, interests, hobbies, goals, and physical needs.

Then we continue working toward your goals incorporating rests, planning ahead for trips, vacations & holidays, and re-evaluating the program, goals, and progress.

Sessions can be at my home office in Burien [Tues., Wed., Fri., or Sat.] The sessions at the office are discussion based and include reviewing action items, exercise and food logs. They can also include active, assisted and passive stretching. Additionally, sessions can be activity based like walks at close-by parks in Seatac and Burien.

Examples of exercise that either Leilani does for her well being or that her clients engage in: hula hooping, walking, kayaking, weight lifting at home, exercise videos, yoga classes, yoga videos, belly dancing, recumbent bicycling, ethnic dancing, gardening, bicycling, stationary bicycling, treadmill walking, bird watching with walking, golfing with walking, swimming, water fitness classes, dance exercise videos, Pilates, stability ball exercises, and dog walking.

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Recommended Reading:

Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book: 300+ Quick and Easy Exercises You Can Do Whenever You Want! (Paperback book) by Joan Price.

Working Out, Working Within: The Tao of Inner Fitness Through Sports and Exercise by Jerry Lynch, Al Chung-Liang Huang, and Chungliang Al Huang

Sacred Pampering Principles: An African-American Woman's Guide to Self-care and Inner Renewal by Debrena J. Gandy

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This copyright photo of Leilani Berry riding her recumbent tricycle along the Kent Nature Preserve off Frager Road near the Green River. Click on photo to enlarge.


Member in Good Standing with Associated Bodyworker &
Massage Professionals
since 1994

insured through www.abmp.com

Washington Massage License # MA7037

Certified Personal Trainer through www.ACEfitness.org and insured through www.fitnesspack.com

Education and
more about Leilani

Leilani incorporates her expertise and training as a massage therapist, licensed in 1994, her diverse experience as a belly dancer, began in 1990, and belly dancing instructor since 2000, her personal trainer certification study, exam, and educational experience through www.ACEfitness.org , and her continuing education through www.cortiva.com, ACEfitness, and other sources.

More Education:

Leilani continues to take classes to obtain more knowledge and training. To list a few...

  • Repetitive Injuries in Paddlesports

  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  • Womens Focus in Kayaking

  • Aston Patterning [Postural Assessments]

For more about Leilani
click here

This copyrighted photo of Leilani Berry belly dancing with a sword on her head. Click on photo to enlarge.

Want to eat better?

Try home delivery for organic groceries including meat, fruit, veggies & bread or local produce stands and markets.


http://www.surfinseafood.com Be sure to tell them leilani @ leilanimassage.com told you about them. Leilani loves her home deliveries!

Buy local! Try your local farmers market! Google it.


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Client Handout's

1. Do you need a personal trainer? Info on diabetes, target heart rate, and more! Click here

2. Every day stretches Click here

3. Calories burned per activity per hour.
Click here

4. Food Records
3 day Click here

5 day Click here
7 day Click here

5. Exercise Planner
Click here

6. Rate your current health action
Click here

7. Reasons to be motivated!
 Click here

8. Stress Test
 Click here

9.  Track your energy
 Click here

10. Par Q Click here

11. Initial Health Form Click here

12. Initial Consultation Form Click here

13. Client Trainer Contract Click here

To view PDF files, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader installed, please go to Adobe's Acrobat download page now.

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 Exercise Myths!

Myth = No pain no gain.

Truth = Exercise shouldn't hurt and damage you, and it shouldn't feel like punishment. Exercise can be fun! Good nutrition can be tasty and satisfying!

Myth = I don't have enough time to exercise.

Truth = Exercise ideals only require a minimum of 30 minutes a day. If you minimize travel and prep time by exercising at home or on your lunch hour, every one has time to get fit!

Myth = All I have to do to lose weight is to cut calories, carbs, and/or fat.

Truth = Weight is not the best measurement of overall health. A person's medical history, genetic inheritance, frame, lean mass versus fat, nutrition, metabolism, stress levels, and physical fitness have to be holistically included in an overall assessment of health. Healthy fats and complex carbs are essential for bodily functions and energy.

Myth = A fat body is not a fit body.

Truth = Each person has to be compared only to themselves and weighed in with above mentioned criteria. A great health benefit can be gained from only losing 10 or 20 lbs. For some people, a rounder fuller body is ideal for them. One size definitely does not fit all.

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This copyright photo of Leilani Berry doing yoga while vacationing at a bed and breakfast. Click on photo to enlarge.

Available forms
and handouts:

1. Par Q. Click here

2. Medical Clearance. Click here

3. Initial paperwork. Click here

4. 21 various health handouts including do you need a personal trainer, target heart rate, cholesterol facts, and more. click here

5. Every day stretches Click here

6. Calories burned per activity per hour.
Click here

7. 3 day food record Click here

8. 5 day food record Click here

9. 7 day food record Click here

10. Exercise Planner
Click here

11. Rate your current health action. Click here

12. Reasons to be motivated! Click here

13. Stress Test.Click here

14.  Track your energy.
Click here


To view PDF files, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader installed, please go to Adobe's Acrobat download page now.

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